Confessions Of A Cash Register Lyrics

Mac Miller

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Lyrics to Confessions Of A Cash Register
Confessions Of A Cash Register Video:
Featuring Prodigy

Check it out
And drive
Check me out
Yea yea, LC
Mac uh

All I got for these niggas is X bleedage and slugs
All I got for these bitches is big dick and drugs
Alcohol and guns, don’t be scared now – you got it dog
I’m smart enough to chill the fuck out
Until it’s time to dump
Release so much rage in such a short space
I’ll put your face in your cornflakes, mob style
You gave then blow him a pound
101 nigga, hold it down
Hood nigga, she love my style
I knock the cat out
Nigga I pull in the Thundser
Nigga is that yo bitch? I took that back to the casa
I’m always pulling the heist, I can’t help that bitches wanna
You know what they’ll all be like for just one night
I blow up mine and get low
It’s too much dough out here to be broke
So I hit the curb, and bend a few corners, bumpin this shit here
Turnt all the way up, niggas getting robbed tonight, let’s be clear
Come up off of them things, a nigga gon die tonight, I’ll leave you here
You give me your valuables
No funny moves, I swear uh

A man walked in with a smile on his face, and a loaded 45 in his hand
Told the clerk don’t move I didn't come here to shoot but I will so you must understand bang
Shots in the air, no time to waste
Been doing drugs all day, now it’s mine to race
Fuck the red story, better find the safe
Get the money, hit his homies up in congregate
I need bread my kid need to be feed
This is the recession, going through depression
And don’t send it cuz I ain’t gon win it
Gotta be fucked up to make it to the top where the money at
I could be next to me, death and vanish
Work a CD, ask them one day you’ll manage
Rejects, emotionally damaged, you kids need to straight, let me call the… rants
Want to get a crib in Atlantis
knock the bitch out cold, she Rick Rambis
Tell Dorothy we ain’t in Kansas
Living in this world but we don’t understand it, no
Bullshit, you can’t sell that
All these kids will get hell back
A cup filled and my L fat
Them weaks want Dave Chapelle back
Well until that
I’m coming through the front shit with something to discussin for discussion
Yep that’s alchemist in production
little bit of larry fish yea it’s nothing
God versus man, mind versus land
Competition ain’t shit
I’mma treat you all like my bitch
You start by sucking this dick
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