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After Crying

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Lyrics to Confess Your Beauty
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Sinking into myself I think that you play No, don't dulcify me Never known hasty pain There was a burnin' twilight in your glance There was a shy and womanlike excitation Shy white butterfly Why can't you fly?! No, don't crucify me On the crossword of blind N' all sighting jealousy Other way let you find There was a vision: silver lancet in my flesh There was a lancet really in you and me too It was a vile "not" From you I got Cry for my smile I won't be alive Cry more cold lady Perhaps we can find yet our lost life By sounds of your body I'll draw from the nude Taking off the silky Veil of hell's sisterhood? I'm gonna miss your womanlike excitation I'm gonna kiss all of your secretest evils I open your ill Oh, sex-appeal Cry for my smile I won't be your tears Cry more cold lady Perhaps we can find yet our lost years Deprived all your duties As a shred, silver snood I feel your smile could be Bewitching in the nude You should rather kill me Never be merciful Allsighting jealousy Won't take me for a fool Who said She could make fun of my herself again? Nevermore she will do it! Nevermore fan my flame! Confess your beauty To the powers above Why are you unable To Love the Love?!

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