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Lyrics to Concrete Thunder
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Throwing down right like a brother-brother
Head aflowing with the end of summer
Neighbor Teddy, look at one another, cry

Red and white and blue and jarring, blaring
Someone ought to better call on Karen
Pity, singing off and awful swearing, why

And I can't seem to stay awake for very long

Convinced, engrossed, all limbs in throes and under
The clap of shoes away a concrete thunder
If only let me go, oh, let me wander, no!

A broken mirror and a worn-out picture
A mark of rose up on the lighting fixture
He says "goodnight" because he knows he'll miss her so

But I can't seem to stay awake for very long
Do you see true?
Why can't you let me rest my eyes?
I tell you nothing's wrong

I'm falling through
Through what I knew
As tried and true
I'm falling through
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