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Lyrics to Compound of Evil
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Armed with your scripture, you're trying to ruin this world.
But, it's not sufficient therefore you wander with weapons.
Then, you enforce fear in those minds of the helpless beings.
And once again, they're nailed to the religion of the beasts.
Slaying mercilessly, those who won't commit

Killing in the name of god, then you call it a holy war.
If bloodshed is so holy, then what's so unholy?
Feasting on human lives, if that's what your scriptures teach,
Why do you pray to that shit, tear them into pieces.
Your religion, the compound of all evil!
Your religion will be exterminated.

Wherever your religion exists, peace ceases to exist.
By spreading your religion, the result is only violence.
The only way to restore peace is to rip you piece by piece.
Your extinction is the only solution.
Your religion, the compound of all evil
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