Lyrics to Complicated
Complicated Video:
i don't know how to be good to you
you're too close and you know it too
nobody has a good enough excuse
i'm just fucked up and so are you

i love you so much you could hurt me
so i do it first so you won't see me
laugh it off and i don't feel it
hard as rocks and nails underneath

hardly anyone is sincere
all i know is anger that is real
i barely know how true goodness feels
i don't even know how to feel

i know i built walls all around
i'm begging you to knock them down
but yours are just as big and mean as mine
tight defenses and we draw the line

if you want to go, just go
i'll watch you walk away
i don't care if you go
i'll watch you walk away
i'll die if you go
i'll watch you walk away

stop everything
stop all these fucked up games
promise me we'll be good to each other
promise me, i need it signed sealed delivered

stop everything
or my heart will break
my pride isn't worth it
help me this is hurting

if you want to go just go
i'll watch you walk away

super girl
she isn't real
i can't fly all alone
i can't even get off the ground

i don't know what else to say
i don't want to push you away
i need your help today
i can't get off the ground today
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