Lyrics to Competition,
Competition, Video:
I keep dreaming that one day the whole world Will be together, will be together as one, And there?s nothing I can do, but pray that It comes true, and keep on searchin? for That miracle, that some say will never be Competition, is the world summarized in Just one word, and you know what I mean, Friends competing with friends Will it ever end I?m losing all of my patience, I need a way out, and soon Chorus: Time and again we are fighting one another, Hurting our sisters and hurting our brothers, It?s a shame, why do we play these games, But they?ll come a time when we all will be together, Living as one in harmony forever, You and i, we will light the sky (aaaaaaahhhhh) If we?re ever gonna be as one, We?d better make some changes and fast, And this time make it last Cause if we all just take the time, I?m sure that we will find, all of us Shed blood of the same kind And that?s the bottom line so (chorus) 3x Together as one Together (harmony) Together (harmony)

Songwriters: TRESVANT, RALPH
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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