Lyrics to Compass
Compass Video:
Take me away
To that house you call home
Where nothing belongs to me
But my soul
I want to find out who I am on my own
With you

So we play piano
Sipping the wine
Talk to each other as you build a fire
And so here we go
Watching us slowly unravelling

And I won't ask you to stay
And I won't ask us to name
This place we're in

And I love how I feel with you
Magical wise
Quietly tingling
Caught in surprise
You look at me and you smoulder and sigh Oh my

Dancing with you across your kitchen floor
In pj's and cardigans
And oh I need more of this
And oh your kiss

And I will try, try not to want to much
And I will try not to feel every touch
And I won't even ask where we are going
But I know inside I'm hiding
Every thought that I just may be falling
I'll be ok

You're asleep by the fire now,
Where we made a bed
And I'm lying awake
With the things I've not said
And I realise I've been gathering signs
Your heart's not here.

So where does it live?
Is it out in the rain?
In that wild little garden
You can't seem to tame?
In the words of the newspapers
Piled up in vain,

But love was here
Here with you anyway
‘Cause oh my dear,
I couldn't be any other way
I'll leave you here,
‘Cause you don't belong to me
But to learn to love and let them go
Is something, I didn't know I could do

…A gift from you

You were a place,
I couldn't stay long
Gave me a compass
I give you a son
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