Lyrics to Compass and Guns
Compass and Guns Video:
Take me down these winter grounds
I'm quite sure I'm dying
And we've been better friends before this ever happened
It happened anyway

("- Do you have someone there ? Someone like me ?
- No, no one like you")

Watch the world collapse beautifully
Beneath my feet
And don't forget all the things I taught you
When we went out for walks
Took rocks and threw them across the street
I'm not down, but I am wondering

"What have you done ? Thousands of years of booze and weeping, creating and recreating so you can have it topple to dust ? A million years. The sensitive men dying for their dreams, for what ? So you can sweep, and dance, and play."

Cast out
Break down
Watch your feet and wonder how they get around
Do you know where they'll be going
And you take off all your sheets
And wash them clean of me
I will get lost
Go cross out my name

Cross out my name
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