Lyrics to Common Kings
Common Kings Video:
Tracks, these trails, they lead me astray, seem to go on forever. Bring me back to reality, oh, please say you'll take me home. These tracks are broken, but still we follow their stray paths, constantly blinded. Our pride has defined us as false humankind. Fight for your life. You won't find peace by avoiding your mind. If we were all the king of the world, there'd be no world to rule. So next time you dream, don't try and tell me, just what your head sees, and if the skies that we need, all fell down. There'd be no air to take for granted, and no gods to grant us the second chances. You'll never know, just what you've lacked, from a life time of men pulling strings in your back. I'd live a minute for a moment that's mine, I'd live a moment for the chance to be alive, don't fall away. Just prove that truth is the only sound that your mouth makes, because you know the liars will never find out that I've seen the future, it's beautiful. The kings and the queens, in hierarchy with misguided high arching views could not be further from our ground level reality. When we were young and the stars never scared us, we heard of a world where the lies wouldn't tear us apart. Severing every single tie that I could find, and nothing, no, no-one is stopping me now, and I can't even find a reason how they were searching for ways inside. They tried to corrupt our minds, how could we not see through this? Oh, if only we knew. Tear out my tongue, I will never speak again. Cut off my hands, I will never feel again.

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