Lyrics to Commencement Of The Dark Crusades
Commencement Of The Dark Crusades Video:
Shivering In Ecstasy As Icy Winds
Blow Down From The North
As The Sun Descends Beyond The Horizon
The Warriors Of The Dark Arise
With Eyes Of Fire On Great Black Steeds
They Attack With Fury
With A Horde Of Demons Born From Hell
Following In Their Wake
All Shall Perish By The Moonlit Silver Of Their Swords
The Dark Crusaders Sing Their Hymns Of Eternal Praise
With Blood Spilt In Sacrifice
The Earth Quakes With The Galloping Of Hooves
The Dark Crusades Commence As A Great Black Plague
That Spreads Across The Horizon
All That Is Holy Shall Come To Rest
In An Oblivion Of Death With Their Souls Enslaved
Black Winged Demons Ascend Into The Heavens
The Death Cries Of The Angels Shrill And Piercing
As Their Cold Blood Rains From The Skies
Ravens Take To Flight Into The Dark Night Sky
As Their Shadows Cross The Shining Full Moon
Through Dark Forests And Vast Mountain Lands
The Dark Crusaders Ride Destroying All
Waging Battles For Centuries To Come
Rivers Of Blood Flow Onto
The Black And Barren Landscape
The Ashes Of Burning Ruins
Are Scattered By Freezing North Winds

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
[And Synvorlath, Lord Of The Ancient Moon]
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