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(Eightball) Eightball will come out hard with the gangsta lean gold smile for the women that be jockin' the green i'm a pimpster not a trick on a stroll ya gotta pimp that thang and keep a trick on hold stay on top of the world, wit a gun in ya hand take control of a woman and fear no man it be hard for me to see a day with outkast if you got it and I don't I'll blast your ass, with the quickness because a pimp don't play I got to work on top of my game and think of ways to get payed born in the Mound, down, deep in the south with the brothers with the curls and gold teeth in they mouth and the cheverolet impalas with the craters and vogues fo'teef, with the yak, smokin' fat mac indo fall up in the club with the pimps, the tone gotta tuck in my pants, ya step to me and it's on gotta family in Memphis, gotta gang in Texas T-Money in the Jag and JB in the Lexus cystiff, grip tight nine in the studio or... I'm comin' out hard Chorus: Hard out, Hard out, Comin' out, Hard Hard out, Hard out, Hard, Hard out, Hard out, Comin' out, hard, Hard out, Hard out (MJG) MJG description a brotha and one who tends to always keep his business undercover but still I wind up in the middle of a click some I heard, he heard, she heard, should I continue to listen to the rumors, the garbage trick, I ain't for this, sucka let's start this ruffness wait trick you missed, I hit darker, into the sleeper now you feeling weaker man don't slip when you think you got backup looking for some help but ya boys just slacked up punked out, backed out way low headin' to the front do' sneaking out real slow how ya feel now? what's wrong, what's the matter mama never told you not to play with those rappers MJG got loose in the 9 deuce but for the 9 tre the pimps don't play way I'ma stay true some of ya'll goin' tre some of ya'll i'ma lay some of ya'll i'ma hate but see I'm in it to win it lining up for a party just to consider it a job, for me to come out, damn, hard Chorus (Eightball) I gotta come out hard as hell just like the life I lead cool, feed on the next brotha's greed J-Smooth cuttin' up, lil' Hank gettin' buck killers be shootin' up suckas with no gut I'm scoping big bucks, looking for the payoff living like a pimpster, checking everyday off riding through the hood with my homies gettin' smoked out fall up in the mall, let my hoe stro' loked out cool, calm and collective, comin' out hard MJG count it down (MJG) 1, 2, 3 points I gotta get across 1, don't 2, make me 3, go off suckas gettin' stuck up in the face tryin' to amaze, somebody else, but they find that it don't pay i'm gonna keep, droppin' tracks, smokin fat-mack hay, in the ash tray, 3 quarts, put away gat on the table cause i'ma able, i'ma keep it right up on the shelf, where I know that I can reach it my mind is a weapon, cause I'm smart from the start MJG...(pimps don't play from the 9 tre) comin' out hard Chorus

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