Coming Home Lyrics

Oliver Weers

Get Ready

Lyrics to Coming Home
Coming Home Video:
I'm lonely
I'm miserable
I could really use your heart
Can you seize me
Believe me
And give me a fresh start
The Glance in your eyes just won't let go
The parfume in my scarf reminds me of you

Standing alone with my arms open wide
All I'm craving is you

Will you hold me and shake me
Only you can bend and break me
Strip me - with your eyes
I find my - objectives
When I'm picking up the pieces
Hold me shake my life
So say you're coming home tonight

I'm shaky
I'm impossible
Every second you're on my mind
Can you help me
Never leave me
Take my fear and hold me tight

Staring into skies with tears in my eyes
Oh, Tonight I need you

Will you hold me and shake me...

Don't leave me alone
Come back
I cannot stand it on my own

Will you hold me and shake me...

(Thanks to Melanie for these lyrics)
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