Comin' After Jinny Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to Comin' After Jinny
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He'll be comin' down the road at the break of day
His head thrown back and his guns tied low.
He's comin' after Jinny wants to take her away
But I ain't gonna let her go.

Oh, he boasted in town, but she loved him.
He said she'd be his with the sun.
He said anyone try to stop him
Would be just one more notch on his gun.
They say that he's headstrong and handsome.
His hair's blowin' wild and free.
And they got a hold...
I ain't comin' 'cuz he's a lot younger than me.
And he'll be comin' down the road.

He hasn't had much education.
He ain't worked a day in his life.
He's livin' with some older woman.
They say she's another man's wife.
But she wants him needs him, and loves him.
She buys him his clothes and his meals.
When she finds he's gone, she'll be prayin'
And, Lord, I know just how she feels.
Because he's comin' down the road.

The sun's at his back as he's comin'
The smile is cruel on his lip.
His right hand is slowly descendin'
To the sixgun that rests on his hip.
Then his lower lip started to tremble
And he started cryin' as he looked up at me.
As I picked him up, I said, "Son, you're only four years old,
And you know Jinny's only three.
So, come on in the house, and have some cookies and milk.
And he did and the tears turned to smiles.

And I called up his mama.
I drove him home,
And Jinny's safe... at least for a little while.
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