Lyrics to Come With Me
Come With Me Video:
Come With Me

Everytime i pull up, they pop out
you come through, they drop out
No shade, unless you talking bout these on my face
She like boy you aint got no chill
What's new?
I thought y'all knew that?
i do what i want to

She aint never been with a balla
let me teach you how to stunt lil mama
believe me sweetie i got commas
i love it when you call me big poppa
i know you probably get this all the time
but baby i'll change your life
if you just come

Come with tonight
I'll work on that body

You be trine cuff her
i just wanna.
Ok, you knew what i was gone say

I'll work on that body

You's a cutie
You's a dime
Back it up and grind grind
you got me loosing my mind

Come with me Tonight
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