Lyrics to Come Up
Come Up Video:
What did you mean
'there's too many angels here'
is it the sweet ones that keep you here
or did you mean that everyone you love
is already gone, too early
whatever you mean
I came to mine and realized
that it's all fake
but I love to dream
and to feel everything
come up, come up
it's so hard to love when you know how it goes
come up, come up
waves of pleasure waves of control
and the waves run their course
turn into foam
they start with a roar and then it's back home
come up
it's at the shows
I feel so alive
and otherwise
there's a craving so bright
well my friend with not many words
but it's just as well cause what are they for
you see through me you make me quiet
you know all the words so why should I hide it
when love starts up
you can't escape
you run and you hide
duck under the waves
come up, come up
and when you do it's there to greet you
come up, come up
water and sand and fish all around you
come up
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