Lyrics to Come Thy Legions
Come Thy Legions Video:
Come thy legions
Come the war
The angel of darkness arises

And spreads his wings
To obscure the glory of the heavens
And grant infernal twilight
To bestow eternal torment
And bathe our realms in blood

Sound the horn...
Sound the horn of Apocalypse

Great peals of thunder announce
The storm of steel
The final battle commences
The fruition of cursed humanity
Come the war
Come thy legions

Invoke the names of the Ones who wait
To arise and take up their whips of flame

Invoke the name of the one who sleeps
In the depths of the farthest abyss

The age of unlight is upon us
The great old ones stir
Come forth the lord of chaos
The crimson nightmare awakened
Brandish your blades of shadow
Your blood soaked warhammer
Come thy Legions!
Unleashed upon the earth . .
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