Lyrics to Come On
Come On Video:
Don't pretend to sleep, I know you're not
15 bones in my pocket, that's all I got
Don't be scared, I won't bite
So come on and ride with me, and we'll be allright
The night is young and so are we
Your parents don't care if you come in at 3

5 more minutes and I'm gone in a flash
and you can sit here on your butt

Come on, let's ride, let's experience life
Doesn't matter what we do, 'cause I'm with you

You always say that you wanna do something,
But you just lay there, and we never do nothing
You wanna do something that's gonna cost me money
You're so superficial I think it's funny
Put on your shoes and turn off the TV
Grab you're purse and ride with me
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