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Lyrics to Come Aroundd (feat. Timbaland)
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Run down Check my coat in and I paid the dollar Sidekick rings What's up holla Text the address Ill see you later Baby come down Come down come down come down Rundown rundown run down Rundakarundaka run down Rundededundederundown In a far away land we got shit made Rayban shades, war heads laid Babies born in air raids My girls roam the everglades Indian men they gamble spades Indian chicks they get men laid Milk and honey Smoke high grade Girls in diamonds, gems and jade We ride up on our tanks in vain Blow up things to save our name Reena , meena tina supina Beena super indian babe We black market We black main We hit shit out when it rains Will you come down and catch my train Will you come down and play this game I got my mind on my money But life can be way more fun You can put your love in a gun But thats what keeps us on the run Don't need to blow my spot or put you on blast To sell my one Run run talk is done , Come down if you wanna get some I give em a run run run And make us dance on the dum dum dum In a secret museum We walk on the wild side come come come Enter my stadium See the primal queen of a new kingdom I bust out on new systems I mash up things to make us one! Far far Time got me feeling emotions Why you always digging on my nerve I feel weak when I say please you keep on Does breaking me make you feel so strong I go give show you how low I go Playa boy go head and be that macho Power up that blade on that chainsaw Go cut me down and I ll still gon grow Ahh ahhh ahh Yeah he left me yeah To go far far away Coz yesterday I met a girl from warsaw She walked like a turtle with a sore paw Why dont they make some kinda new law That stops making a religion out of war Yeah happy you know lots of useless info Keep ticking like a brain on a robot But I do know some things you dont know That people you hate come back for more Ahh ahhh ahh Yeah he left me yeah To go far far away A tug of war with me and he was called for Like he was iced tea , I was alwayz pom more But you broke me, when you act like you want war Coz my strength makes you feel insecure Now here we go we bouncing like a pin ball I let him go so he and go paint time gold Why dont we live for that love tho Or does money still drive you a whole lot more?

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