Lyrics to Come Around
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Have you seen the little pieces of the people we have been?
Little pieces blowing gently on the wind
They have flown down California
They have landed in L.A.
Little pieces slowly settling on the waves

I'm one of a million pieces fallen on the ground
It's one of the reasons when we say goodbye
We'll still come around yeah we will come around

I have waited for tomorrow from December till today
And I have started loving sorrow along the way
And I am calling from some city
And I won't be there too long
But I could wait and I could waste away
But what comes back is I hear you say were gone

When all of the times that I go spinning up and down
When all of the things have died between us
Well, we'll still come around yeah We will come around

After I've been missing for a while
And you hear that summer song
Haven't all the fading lines lingered on?

What I know is she's going
And you know it, it's alright
So you put yourself between you and your pride
If you wait for what's coming
And you listen to her lies,
Then she'll say the things you need to hear
And the only one who'll disappear is you

And one of the million lies she said
Is all of the things you love are dead
But I've seen what she thinks is love
And it leaves me laughing so we'll still come around

Yeah we will come around
When you're gone
we will, we will, we will
we will come around

When you're gone we'll still come around
When you're gone we will come around

(Thanks to coffeeman for these lyrics)
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