Lyrics to Come And Gone
Come And Gone Video:
always looked sharp
and always looked nice
did pretty well for himself
and his wife
with one quick shake
and the roll of the dice
he lost everything
that he worked for in life
now everything is gone
don't know what to do
where do i turn
and look for a clue
the fear of loss
overwhelmed him
he takes the jump
to make it all end

so quickly can it come, so quickly can it fall
so quickly can it come, so quickly can it fall for you!

she walked this path
a million times before
yet this one fateful night
was a tale of gore
with one swift slice
when she reached the bend
saw the flash of light
thought this was the end
her frightful tears
trickled down her face
slowly her blood
poured all over the place
the blackness slowly
engulfed her mind
she fell into a sleep
with her life behind


livin' our lives
from day to day
never know when
it's gonna take you away
dont' understand
but it happens fast
before you know it
you're a thing of the past

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