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Swizz Beatz

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Lyrics to Come And Get Me
Come And Get Me Video:
(feat. Cassidy)

Come An'
Come An' Get Me

[Verse 1:]
While I'm up in the ghetto I'm watchin' it closely
My whip is butter for the bread they want to toast me
Gold windows on my whip it go up slowly(?)
Cause I'm young an' I'm rich an' bitches want me
An' them haters I shake 'em off me
Them Antiques on my ass them shits costly
I got cream niggas think I'm Mr. Softy
To the goons I blow 'em off me
See niggas be buyin' the magazines an' readin' the articles an talkin bout the paper I got
But niggas don't know all the pain an all the struggle I've been through to get to all the shit that I got
Come N' Get Me!

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2: Cassidy]
Ay-Yo The numbah one spot vacant an' I got eligibility
Put me on your song if you want street credibility
My label think I got crossover ability
But I Ain't fake niggas ain't goin' Milli Vanilli me
Not guilty your boy's out the facility
An' if you niggas want it with me
Ya'll don't want it with the barbarians runnin' with me
You Clap I Clap back If I die then you comin' with me
Now I'm With Swizzy you dig me
Cause your boy is squeeze(?)
But they ain't even worth the lawyer fees, Please
Them dirty ass niggas still coppin' quarter keys
They roll half a pound
I'm laughing now
I'm the Hustla Muthafucka betta ask around
I seen niggas in Philly then call 'em up an' ask 'em now
I'm Flashin' now the top on the askin now(?)
If you was hatin' before you goin' hate me with a passion now

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3:]
If Cops around I want everybody to stop
You know listenin' to the monsta of hip hop
Man I Probably mad your favorite rapper hot
I'm Comfortable in the middle fuck the top
Come N' Get me if you want a big hook or a big beat
Your now tuned in to the sound of the Swizz Beatz
An' I Ain't considered a rapper I don't care bout my flow
I'm Hot an' Sleek with the dough
Come N' Get Me!
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