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Lyrics to Come, This Afternoon
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i stepped out on the porch,
and looked back at her in the doorway
and she smiled at me.
i didn't know if i should hug her
or kiss her cheeck goodbye

that second seemed to last forever,
but quickly ended when she shut the door
with a quick good bye,
she closed herself in that cage,
and i wondered if she'd bite me

if only i could stick my finger inside her cave
so i decided to go home.
and i wondered how smoothly i could put "i love you"
into simple words.

but nothing i could do or say
would have brought her out of that house
and it made me sad to be alone,
i knew i really shouldn't cry

please don't tell me i don't care.
and that i wouldn't want to know
i always used to know what to do
till it came to this afternoon.
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