Lyrics to Color Of Red
Color Of Red Video:
color of red, color my soul
days of the new become days of the old
try to pretend everything is alright
looking again at this arabian night
do you think my hostility will ever end?
or did the brutality ever begin?
release the smoke that the beast retrieves
the beast is your friend although he deceives

and im living a lie and to live is to die
and the swing on the porch
is the sign of the torch thats to come.
and i''ll ask you again is the devil your friend
and the words that you speak
are backstabbing the meek and you'll die
but why die

creep through the bushes, forest of trees
i am th eserpent that nobody sees
the anger inside seems to erupt on my head
the anger erupts and now my soul lies dead
now let me show you just what you've lost
the damage at stake is a price beyond cost
the sting that comes from the darkness around
they'll hurt you much worse when you're six underground
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