Collection Of Butchery Lyrics

Putrid Pile

Collection Of Butchery

Lyrics to Collection Of Butchery
Collection Of Butchery Video:
Collection of butchery in my tool shed
Female heads and entrails hang from the ceiling
Rats feasting on chunks of skin
Shit and blood stains smeared on the floor
Mangled corpses lay all around
No one can here the screams
Of the victims while i slay them
Echoing endlessly within these walls
The sight of blood making my cock erect
Grabbing the nearest head and fucking the eye sockets
Fucking it vigorously
Driven to this life of horror, murder, and dismemberment
The only thing that i can ever love
Drowning in this sea of perverse debauchery
Doing all i can to fulfill my needs
Indulging in dead women
Fuck the brains out of their heads
Feasting on their cunts
Let this be a lesson to them
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