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Lyrics to Collages Desertes, 3eme Tableau: Du Chemin
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"Endless rows of faces of men with dark glasses and dying eyes behind them, they have become like shadows now, merely reflections in the ontology of suffering. For him even time has lost its meaning, nothing is real but the pain, he has become the pain and there is no externality of events passing by nothing but the absolute experience of pain for time to measure. The modern technology of pain is internal to the contemporary anthropology: precise, individualized, scientific, effective in subduing mind rather than ostentatiously coercing body...Harnessing of modernity Geography of 20th century torture rich and overflowing Expanding in application and technology with the machine Neurophysiology of pain Histamines, serotonin, bradykinin, prostaglandis Conveyors by spinal cord to thalamus and cerebro-cortex Stress and strain effecting musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular systems and functions of the brain Chronic pain wearing down, altering the body physiologically Sweet, sweet smell of fear like blood gushing up from bowels filling throat and mouth and nose and eyes black with blood and all this blood like flowers decaying, falling over from their own weight, too large, too heavy from too much sustenance, rotting like carcasses in bulldozer-dug graves leaving this scent so sweet Explosion, cascade of ingenuity, no statutes guide Falaka; beating soles of feet with rods Finger torture Telefono; striking flat hand against ear Electricity; picana electrica, metal grids or beds, 'dragon's chair' Burning; of cigarettes, hot oil, acid chemicals or spices on wounds or mucous membranes Submarino or banera; submersion of head in water Dry submarino; head covered with plastic bag Prolonged standing Traction alopecia Extracting nails Rape insertion of foreign bodies in vagina or rectum Quirofano in Chile Exposure to cold Dental torture; Soviet Chekas carving slowly down the teeth Fascist Italy filling stomachs full with castor oil stretching visceral tissue to the most intense pain they can experience Witnessing the torture of others, mabye loved ones Mock executions Continuous exposure to light or total sensory deprivation Forced participation in sexual activities Application of psychotropic drugs Application of nerve stimulants like histamine, vasodilators, aminazine, triflouro perazine-stelazine Range and intensity of pain unmatched, the key dimension is the psyche Humiliation is sought, in the end the complete betrayal of humanity, room 101, this is where finally the spiritual connection between torturer and tortured is established within the modern paradigm Absolution Oh, splendor of imagination and craftsmanship. I drove down to it, tasted and paced through its cathedrals. I knew its chronicles by heart and I embraced it when it came over me. I smeared it on me until I couldn't discern the stench of it from myself. I was there, I knew, I could receive it. And...well I'm here now, I mean, so this is the way it's gonna be now?"

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