Lyrics to Cold Souls Of The Forest
Cold Souls Of The Forest Video:
Astral sign of pentagram
That reveals me visions of the night
Free the cold souls of the forest
To the profane ceremony

On the evilness strange dimensions
Among fogs in the woods
I see har pale face
Your charms guides me to a dance
Around the fire

Grizzly mist bring the witches
For the celebration of the ancient religion
Looking for the true fire
Everyone know that now is the time
Of awakening test of majesty and
Receive the touch of immortality
Like a cold and painfull kiss

Malignant spirits protect us
Like a orgy of lost souls
At this wonderful and supreme sabbath
The flesh desire holds my body and
I become the Black Goat
The Ceremony begins
With the shell of the cold souls

Immortal eyes of the serpent
Show me the sight
To the cold souls of the forest
For the cosmic passage
Of the breeding through the world
Of the souls trapped by disgrace
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