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Lyrics to Cold Shoulders
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What would you do if everything you've ever wanted was the reason that you couldn't sleep?
What would you say if everything you've ever hated slept in your bed, stealing the air that you breathe?
It's hard to feel like heaven's close when the devil lives next door. But now I'm moving on. I let you in
To build me up, just to tear me down. I let you in to build me up, just to watch be drown. You paint that
Smile on your face ‘cause it's your favorite hiding place. But I'll find you. I'll always be the one you
Fought to lose. Was I too much for you?. I didn't need to hear it, you said it loud and clear when you
Withdrew yourself from my life. I watched you do so much for others, but can the others say the same?
At least you have one another, so you can both share in the blame. If I hear you singing along, you'll
Be admitting you're wrong. If there is one thing I know that is sad, it's I'm better than you'll ever have
Fight it, deny it, you know that you're lying when you say they're better than me. Cause I need something
More than cold shoulders and closed doors. Cause I mean so much more than the drop in the bucket that you
Fell in love with. I'll always be that piece you couldn't chew. I'll always be the one you fought to lose
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