Cold Hearted Lovin' Lyrics

Great White

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Lyrics to Cold Hearted Lovin'
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There's always more than meets the eyeSometimes a smile can hide a lieLearn't me the hard way don't it showS'listen up and you will knowBaby's gotta set of wheelsKnocks me off my feetOoh she's got me burnin'Cruisin' down the streetI gotta have that girlTo ease my achin' loveOh, wontcha' take me for a rideShe says I gotta steal her stars from aboveShe says I tgotta dig her diamonds from the mineBefore she'l...Now that's cold hearted lovin'Now papa told me what to doGo find a love pure and trueI know how lovin' ought to beHey girl, whatcha see in me?Baby's got me scratchin' like a dog outside her doorOoh she's got me slavin' and I can't take no more, more, more, moreAnd that's cold hearted lovin'

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