Lyrics to Cold Hate
Cold Hate Video:
Cathode ray messiah, window to the soul.
Eradicate all rational thought, let's kill and hit the road.
Severed head and empty heart, feet swing with the wind.
Torch the church and shoot the priest, we are walking sin.
Cold Hate...
Murder without reason, dispense with moral rule.
Break the chains that bind you, spill the blood of truth.
Rusty scalpel amputation, no anesthetic at hand.
Warped guise of modern culture, it's all part of the plan.
Cold Hate...
Altered plane of my conception, one link upon the chain.
Bury your living memory, vent all putrid pain.
Rape the wound, infect the pure, virus of the word.
Dissect the establishment, take pride in the absurd.
Cold Hate...
I don't need your pity, despise your trust.
Head full of anger, heart full of hate, twisted sadistic lust.
Lay the blade upon my back, smother it with lies.
Beat me senseless, Beat me senseless, joy to hear my cries.
Cold Hate...
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