Lyrics to Cold Ground
Cold Ground Video:
Well, headlights kick the darkness of some back road of Alabama
This time there'll be no news team
No AP or UPI cameras
Well, car door opens
He's kicked to the ground
No one's gonna hear those hideous sounds

It's a long time waiting 'til the justice kicks in
I wanna work for my wife and pray for my kids
Leave this world a little better than I found
Oh, in the cold ground

Yes, legislation won't change hell's march in human hearts
It's been such a long time since I've seen the Spirit moving around these parts
Now from the blood of Abel under the earth
Crying to the Lord
Every drop screaming worth

There's a man in the field with a bullhorn and a sixth-grade education
And he's feeding us all his twisted ideas of some kind of race relations
He's got his finger on the trigger
He's been known to use it
He's got his boot in my gut
Lord, I'm sweating bullets
Songwriters: BILL MALLONEE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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