Cold Crush Gangsta Lyrics

Doggy's Angels


Lyrics to Cold Crush Gangsta
Cold Crush Gangsta Video:
(feat. Goldie Loc, Kokane)

[Goldie Loc]
Take a look nigga, shit
Around me it ain't nuttin but some killas and bitches
That wanna drill us, fuck it if you feel us
It ain't nuttin but a eastside gang bang boogie
If these bitches try to do me Angels pull out the????
Around ain't nuttin but some killas you feel us?
Shit around me..its goin down pop that shit, check this out nigga

[Chorus x1: Kokane]
Cold crush gangstas are full of memorys in the air, oh yeah
I'm bond to take a look around(take a look around nigga)
Whats going down

[Goldie Loc]
Chan, won't you tell these muthafuckas whats goin down you feel me?

[Verse 1-Big Chan]
Blue Chucks and I'm saggin philly draggin
Now who wanna test the funky fo' magnum
May west, I'm the West Coast Donna
Now who want the shells and the muthafuckin drama
Mama gon bring it first class a ten every smoke session
Wit protection for every nigga that smile
He done did some disrespectin no second guessin
My crew penetrate commison chin checkin
We split wigs in split seconds if you know what you workin wit
I'm lookin for a thug nigga wit on some 'xotic shit
If he ain't got the potential for gettin paid to keep paper
Then ain't no need to chase him a game force game
Never let the legs spread, I see he got it all in his head
Fuck fuckin in the bed
Two broke muthafuckas can't break bed
Intimidated cause my game is on lock and its crump tight

[Chorus x1:]

[Verse 2: Conyiac&Kola]

We servin hood facts, thug inches they all paid
(And them other bitches)
Haters choose to get the chain slit
Shit get mercenary on fresh and its scenario
Oh Golden soldiers green yac the coldest
(Don't shit on it really Dogg House is flawless)

Haters let ya jaws rest, wettin up all chest
Watchin vest flow Kola loc in X.O.
Seperate the best flow rep the best coast
Beyond the baddest bitch we boss on brutal tactics
Eliminate the additics, heat em leavin em cravit
(Respect the paws cause it causes raw damage)

Realer then a savage, bow to your majesty
D.Angels, Snoop, Eastsidaz plus the camry
Conyiac and we killin em softly
(We ain't givin a pass unless the floss cash)

We voke ya hood pass in on tea and presercusion
Dogg House killed the game wit worldwide distribution
Excution by all means we dogged first lady
Ski-mask, blood baths, double eyed Mercedes
Same thang, platinum chains, pimpin premisses dank

[Chorus x1:]

[Snoop Dogg]
Goddamn! This muthafuckin Doggy's Angels record
is off the muthafuckin meat rack pleezbaleevit!
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