Coffee Shop Song Lyrics

Sarah Sharp

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Lyrics to Coffee Shop Song
Coffee Shop Song Video:
Retro resale cowboy snap it up opal buttoned shirt
Untucked over low-hung dirty jeans 7th time this week
So strategically seated where he can watch her dance
Through the rails of front porch coffee shop where he likes to read

Black bottom feet of a bellbottomed girl twirl under the sky
Make their way toward his table one August night
Dance sweet gypsy tea girl
Watch her float her way to his table to ask if she can bum a smoke

Sugar and cream are free

Bob the baker starts his day at the end of our night
He swears he's not the biggest flake in the world and that he writes
He's looking for his confidence and you should know
He'll find it in Chicago soon as he has the means to go

He's always nice to me

Bony finger thin hipped take a sip from her cup of chai
Couldn't possibly eat all her chocolate chip cookie if she tried
Anyone can talk to her. Pull up a chair
In the middle of a lonely night, you'll find her there

Her advice is free
It's just a place to be
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