Coffee, Hot Showers, and Hangover Jams Lyrics

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Lyrics to Coffee, Hot Showers, and Hangover Jams
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Don't lock the doors, dad might come home and we could be a family .We could pretend the last four years didn't happen, that we're happy. There's just bullshit we must accept.
Nothing stays the same, we're on our own we have to leave at fucking eighteen, we have to escape; remember good times or else drown and forget that we once were kids.
We don't know what's ahead, (but) it must be better than.
Hey if we get out then what comes next? I'm not you I cannot leave the kids, someone has to save their innocence. I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone but you.
Fuck, it's because of you that I'm this way, it's your fault I say the same things, it's your fault I don't know god, it's your fault that dad's not home. Why can't we just lock the doors?
They're your kids you owe them a life, don't fuck theirs like you did mine.
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