Lyrics to Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Video:
(feat. Raekwon & Mela Machinko)

Rapsody, Life Wonder
Drum, drum!
Yeah, yeah I smoke shit!
See our game!
Yeah, yeah!

Coconut oil, smooth slide through the vintage
Spot that we used to rock early in beginnings
My head used to spin then, a small crowd tripping on me, flipping
Now the family expanding in London and Brixton
Smoking Winston, how my lips burn to touch mics
95 grey nikes, feel the re-release of beast, middle east
Ain't not saving um like day light
Arab? Muslims? All of um my cousins
Beauty brown skin might, bomb on a nigga
Ain't nothing to do wit Korans, Ramadan for the figures
Cheddar, come night we all eat together!
Kings and Queens accented with gold leather
Royal sippin Royal, smoke like two letters
Two Ls like swell, blow up your spot, never
Underestimate the plot, my flock stick together
Shining on you daily, no matter crazy the weather
Glimmer like diamonds in chains, pain a pleasure,
In time, if it help me do better
Promised my mama, said 'Imma get you whatever!'
You just dream,' gonna keep the swing
Opposite cream, we gonna ride all black living better (better)
I brought it back, like I told y'all, forever
Culture, keep it focused you can't sever my ties
I'm always gonna ride' till the death of me, me, me!
I'm always gonna ride' till the death of me, me, me!
I'm always gonna ride' till the death of me, me, me!

Your face feel like suede, body is a 9.9
One more time, a diamond on display
Tiffany goddess in tennis wear
Staying a dentist, all that white on
' mixed with Guinness, we flew to Milan.
Cherry Range Ro' on the lawn
'Boo, where ya Koran?' It's right here!
Weird palaces in Mecca
We dressing, less filming she crying!
All praises then extended both arms
Laid on the rug, thought about like life style
Hugged my lady harder, regarded
Regardless pardon Miss lets flow beyond
Palaces where blue water just flow
Cooling wit a bong, the ocean was talking to me
'Stay sucker free, be gone, love your enemies
Nights may seem you wrong'
Lights, camera, and wealth a song
I sat up for days before legend status, now we're be born!

Yeah, work, step!
Step Black Sand step talk right here, man
Word up, yo raps, is good!
You know your brother got you
Damn, I hear that fly shit going on in the back
9th Wonder you remarkable, nigga!
You like a flooded ill magic marker
I'm ready to write graffiti nigga, aha
Yo, pass that! What the fuck is that name of that bottle right there, man?
Gangsta, gangsta!
That shit is called '.
I went to fuck that shit,
That shit is cool, nigga
That's all
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