Cobra Skulls Jukebox Lyrics

Cobra Skull

Sitting Army

Lyrics to Cobra Skulls Jukebox
Cobra Skulls Jukebox Video:
And I saw you staring at the jukebox
As you held his hand I heard
A song we used to play in bed
A song I used to play for you in bed

A disillusioned smile sadly crept
Across my face as I tried to
Tell myself I didn't care
I told myself I didn't care

But disappointment can't describe
How it feels to know you took the
Sound track to your romance and
Pawned it off on someone else
I took my edition and kept it to myself
Does it sound the same to you?

And another night, at another bar
Your friend was glaring at me from afar
From afar she said ?I hated you
Before I knew who you were.?
I couldn't understand, I asked her why
She said because you said
While you were with new lovers
You were still in love with me

Well maybe you forgot to mention
All the while that you were
With you new men masquerading
I was by myself
Every night I watched you walk away
Can you tell me
Does it sound the same to you?
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