Lyrics to Cobblestone
Cobblestone Video:
Please excuse me while I try to find an empty room or I might lose my shit.
Someplace with a window, where I can see the moon lay itself in that empty street.

Of cobblestone, cobblestone!
Cobblestone, cobblestone-
I need to feel it underneath my shoes!
Cobblestone, cobblestone,
I don't care where it goes, I just need to move.

Show me the nearest exit!
You kids are pretentious and I don't want to hear anymore
About which artist has the "smartest" conviction of beauty-
Oh it's all such a bore!
I don't need a reason for what I believe in- but you insist that I don't know.
…If I knew how to tell you, I'd spell it out right here on the cobblestone.

Cobblestone, cobblestone
Cobblestones, take me home
To the smell of fresh coffee and produce stands...
Cobblestone, cobblestone
I don't care where it goes!
I don't care where it goes!
… I just need to move.
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