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Dolly Parton

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Lyrics to Coat Of Many Colours
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Coat of many coloursDolly PartonBack through the years I go wondering once againBack to the seasons of my youthI recall a box of rags that someone gave usAnd how my mamma put these rags to useThere were rags of many colours,and every piece was smallAnd I didn't have a coat and it was way down in the fallMamma sewed the rags together,sewing ever piece with loveShe made my coat of many colours, that I was so proud ofAs she sewed she told the story from the bible she had readAbout a coat of many colours Joseph wore and they she saidPerhaps this coat will bring you ,much love and happinessAnd I just couldn't wait to wear itAnd mamma blessed it with a kissMy. coat of many colours that mamma made for meMade only rags,but I wore it so proudlyAlthough we had no money.oh I was rich as I could beIn my coat of many colours,my mamma made for meSo with patches on my breaches and holes in both my shoesIn my coat of many colours,I hurried off to schoolJust to find the others laughing and makin' fun of meIn my coat of many colours,my mamma made for meOh,I couldn't understand it,for I felt I was richAnd I told them of the love my mamma sewed in ever stitchAnd I told them all the story ,mamma told me while she sewedAnd how my coat of many coloursis worth more than all of their clothesThey didn't under stand it and I tried to make them seeThat one is only poor only if they choose to beNow I know we have no money,but I'm as rich as I could beIn my coat of many colours, my mamma made for meYeah just for me.....

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