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Lyrics to Coaster Brakes
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sleep now.
or maybe you forgot how to close your eyes.
who are you fooling by keeping them open?
you've been awake days and days and you get jake...

a steamed-off stamp, coffeeshakes and eye-strain from the desk lamp.
still you feel you have to prove yourself.
invalid without some form of appraisal.

coaster brakes, rusty spokes and old mistakes.
it's your bike to look at but not to ride.
and the days roll by.

it seems to me these days that your life is fitting like the kind of dress you wouldn't be caught dead in.
i guess if i was a girl i'd hate myself too-
the way all of the ones who ought to know better do.

so polish your ride- who are you trying to please?
sure it shines but you missed another day to seize.
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