Lyrics to C'mon
C'mon Video:
I don´t know what the fuck fame is
Tell me what lame is cause I´ve been spinning up and down just to be
Famous and now I gotta stopp cause I´ve been to the top and then I dropped down stop

I want to know the reason for this sickness damn I gotta kick this
And I need to track down the fat sound and boogie down to berlin and
Start fucking around
Now this is MC with the department reminissing 93 the day of the start
And now I keep smart smiling to the faces of the fucking MCs that stole my art.

C´mon-c´mon no we don´t stop
No doubt still we´re shocking and the stage rocks
C´mon-c´mon no we don´t stop
No matter what I keep on rocking with the H-BLOCKX
C´mon-c´mon no we won´t stop
No doubt still we´re shocking and the stage rocks
C´mon-c´mon to the hot spot
Get it on everybody with the H-BLOCKX

Now let me tell you what it is why we doing this
We´ve been miles on the road just for the hell of it
The spell of it can´t get me off of it and then I stop think about it
And go on with it
I can´t stop rocking around the block I give a fuck about the slim air
On the top of the pops so what up stand up represent your block King Smo
Let´s go if you don´t stopp
Now try to think of what to do in my situation my raputation no fat
Location set the occasion humiliation can let the patient boogie down to berlin
And pet the nation y´all


Wir wollen dass do I'm jugendfreizeitheim die stage rockst
Und nicht depri wie ´n wellensittich I'm cage hockst
Is ok wenn do dir rhymes von unserer page zockst
Viel spass viel glück von das department und den H-BLOCKX

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