Lyrics to Clueless
Clueless Video:
When I catch your reflection I see daggers in your smile
There's a cruelty in your face I haven't seen for a while

And I placed my trust in your hands
But you threw it to the wind

And I should have seen it coming
'Cause now I feel the sting
say you're sorry

OH - you got me
OH NO - you got me again
OH NO - it can't be
OH NO - it never ends

There's no excuses, to be clueless
OH .you got me,
OH NO, you got me again

If I could twist back the clocks then I wouldn't give you one last try
I was tangled in your web but I thought you wouldn't hurt a fly

And I feel a lump, in my throat
and my heart picks up its pace
'Cause you wouldn't know a good thing
.if it slapped you in the face
- say you're sorry -

No more chances, this is it
There's no more answers, now I quit

No more chances, this is it
There's no more answers
Say you're sorry
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