Lyrics to Clouds
Clouds Video:
Waiting as the days went by
When I had time to find
What I felt
When you weren't around

I'm still not clear
But I don't want to cross you off my list
I want to feel the way
When I'm alone with you

The thoughts I've had you can't imagine
How I've wanted to
Kiss your eyes, your lips
Your body too

I wish I knew all you can do
But we can take our time
Making conversation
In the clouds with you

Close your eyes and take my hand
Lay your burden down
I'm walking in the clouds with you

I don't know where we will go
If I'm wrong or right
I'm walking in the clouds with you

The words you say they indicate
You've come a long, long way
The road less travelled
You know it well

And my responsibility
You needn't ask, I'll tell
I can't make no promises
While I'm walking in the clouds with you

Repeat Chorus
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