Lyrics to Clouds
Clouds Video:
We dive like satellites interrupting all your friends'
and neighbors' reception. And the heavenly bodies
we're bouncing off so you can talk to me the whole
world round.

The pavement's wet and reflecting the clouds above,
they're saying "I love you."
Unfortunately that isn't what you see you think they
look like flowers.
For one in my life I wish the clouds were more clear.

You're crying in front of electric guitars and you're
traveling with me in my headset and my car. I kissed a
girl to the sound of your song about Chicago and I
crashed my car to the same song and was humming it
in the hospital

I want to see without having to believe, so show me
clearly and then man I'll believe. And I'll write your
name on my sleeve and hang you round my neck.
And in my car my car my car my bumper sticker.

I want all the answers to life's big questions. Is that
too much to ask? For once in my life I wish the
clouds were more clear.
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