Lyrics to Closing The Circle
Closing The Circle Video:
Closing the circle and all which to it belongs
Hurting, wounding, trucidating
Fountain of dark, damned feelings
Begotten in noctambulant trances
And suffered by day in weak humiliated souls
By beings worthy of selfishness and coldness
A coldness to act and to show the covenant
Closing the circle arises
The most somber seduction and an inner satisfaction
Inculcated eternally, for ever, in a continual ecstasy,
Fecundated amid the mists,
Sole dawn allowed in the immensity of these shadows
Bringing a virginal blood-red, desirable,
Which the circle takes
Offering it to its innermost feelings
Rejuvenating the darkest pleasure of belonging
Only this is comprehensible intimately
Closing the circle, thus
Mortals in their purest cycle
Disturbing the slumber of ancient powerTo complete the circle.
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