Lyrics to Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes Video:
Spit your game, spit the flames coming outta your throat
Go insane, get your fame, don't stop rocking the boat
When you catch fire, nobody can slow your flow
Just keep climbing higher till you go outta control
Suddenly your visible, you got a risen soul
you like the king of everything, that's why rap is pivotal
You drop your heart in a rap, then you're soaring
All you wanna do is write from night to the morning
You're extolled and trolled in songs of praise and glory
Never gets old, never fold when your rapping with Tori
You deliver a 1-2 punch that will make anyone back up
If you beg to differ, you just might get yourself smacked up
We can go deep and lyrical or we can make you crack up
This is my musical assault and I got my missiles stacked up
So sit back now and just close your eyes
Feel the thrill running through you, hear us ride the skies
Let us set you free with our rhymes cuz it just seems
You find a team like this only in your sweet dreams

Close your eyes I wanna ride the skies in my sweet dreams

Ever since the beginning of this sick spittin' group
We knew that it'd be hot and not some kind of fluke
The Who-Dey is so bad that we need to be caged
Cuz we go out of control and kill you all like Rampage
Our lyrics hit home so hard that it's insane
After we're through, you won't have a functioning brain
The greatest combination to make a well-oiled machine
And W-H-O D-E-Y spells out supreme
Influenced by old school like Dre and Run DMC
Not by absurd sounds to use like MJD
We're the suburban legend, the greatest you've ever seen
There's no sleeping we'll keep you up like caffeine
No matter what people say or what's already been done
When we hit it big, we'll still collect a billion
You'll see our records on the shelves everywhere son
Our name will come up in all conversations
Now you're forewarned about this huge explosion
So close your eyes and prepare for the action

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