Lyrics to Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes Video:
[Music by Beto Vazquez, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez, Vocal melody by Jessica Lehto]

Close your eyes
and you'll see an imaginary world
Remember that when you open them up
it will fade away.
Hear the sound of the night,
and when time passes by you will find yourself.
When the sun shines
your dreams will fade and it will set a new beginning
Look at the moonlight,
and your instincts will tell you what to do.
Remember that a million stars are sometimes together and yet they remain lonely and cold.

Enjoy the taste of Death,
Don't fear it when you sense its presence
Close you eyes and remember that your time here
someday will be the guide for others

[Beto Vazquez: Rhythm guitars - Bass -- Keyboards
Jessica Lehto: Lead and Backing Vocals
Carlos Ferrari: Lead Guitar
Norberto Román: Drums]
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