Lyrics to Close The Crackhouse
Close The Crackhouse Video:
(feat. Big Daddy Kane , Chuck D , College Boyz , Ex-Girlf)

[Professor X]
Check me
The Eternal Son
Of the Universal Father
Travelling the Infinite Spirit
The quest: Paradise
But some things are foul
On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia
From the poppy an extraction
Called Criddacktonite
Conceived as a weapon backed by the Supremacy
Their mission: to strike in offense once again
At the state of the Original
And you think that you're all that
Dealer of the Criddilack
Is that a fact you the middy-middy-middy-mack?
How can you act on the bloodline
???? of the ???? biddy-biddy-biddy-black
The Year of the Wreck
Me ???? of the X
Kiss the ????
Understand the Nine
You will truly find
The sign
As I bring along some friends of mine
From order no quarter, no dropping dime
F.T.P. will be the answer to the rhyme
This time's line
Take heed, the creator of an alien breed
No more will my peoples bleed
Follow lesson one
Follow lesson two
Follow lesson three
Come with my first diddy-deed

[Brother J]
1-2, 1-2
Hm... F.T.P., F.T.P.
Same old gee with the same strategy
See a [edited] em on down
More the pigs slap, the more a nigga 'round
Enough is enough, it's time that I show the ????
Breakin necks, no respect, Year of Wreck
Here's to Uncle Sam and his goofy boy crew
And if the dogs ???? I got a job for him too
Cause I'm about tired of the dopeman's brew
Makin crack babies, make my home into a zoo
Zombie over here, zombie over there
Zombie losin hair, with their zombie stare
Pow-pow, I think it's time, grandma's callin rape
Sellin everything from your ???? to purple drapes
So if you heed the word and you know the rules
Close the crackhouse, no hesitation, you fool

[Wise Intelligent]
PRP P-osse we can walk this, gee
Come see the teacher get fresh - COME!
Move a little closer to the front rows
The teacher crush a musical contest, say
Nuff disprespect to the drug dealer
Crack sellin black killers stop
I gotta save the babies, luxury and false security
Make the babies want what the dope dealers got
We should take their lives in return of the black babies
Babies born dead cause their mother's on crack
???? baby ???? profit, gee
Slained by the hands of the blacks

[Big Daddy Kane]
Ooh, the topic of brothers gettin scared
But who can relate it, debate it, eliminate it or escape it
Talkin that bourgeois talk when you're fallin
She's sayin, "Kt's caaaallin me, it's caaaallin me"
But you better not answer cause here's your last chance to
Correct yourself, collect yourself
Instead of livin life as a bummer
Cause you been through more pipes than a [edited] plumber
Huh, you know the type to be smokin on a crack pipe
Man, you know what a goddamn basehead is like
Straight too the point the scenario is
Next time you mess with base it better be your damn stereo

[Money B]
Nobody's exempted
Tried to play the top-tip, even I was tempted
Weebbled and I wobbled for a sec
Then I had to get a mic check
(Like ???? your family caught wreck)
I gots no pops to snatch me up and say, "What are we gonna do?"
Here's my mother suckin up my brother
Little sis holdin my mail, I'm in jail for the blow
Cryin if you ddin't know

[Shock G & Humpty Hump]
A: you burn that shit, you can't be a friend to me
B: if you don't recognize the dealer as the enemy
C: shuttin em down is the mission
We're gonna be bargin and we're gonna be dissin (dissin)
You need to be slapped like a hoe
Slapped like a hoe because you sell blow
(You're executin black people)
And no no, that's low
Don't let crack niggas sell us out
Let's close the house down

If you wanna know just how I'm feelin
I don't wanna see no more crack, no more dealin
The man who's dealin crack is insecure
He will do whatever he can to make you ensure
Of your life, your mind and your body and soul
Close the crackhouse
We gotta close it
Close the crackhouse down
Close it

[Chuck D]
There was a young lady that lived in a shoe
Down and out skid row in a box off the avenue
Oh, what a shame it was, I'm tellin you
Cause once upon a time she had hair and behind
Just that type only cause what she might have been
If she hadn't pledged allegiance to the pipe
All because of some devils draped in black
A white god startin off in the name of crack
Let me jump it off, you can't be afraid
Of a nine, well baby, get a nine too
Step to em let em know what the hood's about
Blow em out, time to lure them suckers out
If they come back, set on the side, go boom
Gotta make room

[Professor X]
From your lab you've tossed and perved us
Serve us makes us nervous
For a vial a ???? on trial
Dial 91100, my son
The ???? he has become
Patronize the dealer and call that fun
Our babies dying, 3-2-1
Instead of the ???? hear the coming of his son
And a free man no land right
Masquarading the ladies, the feminists now dykes
Properly stripped of ???? and the real ???? the might
Destroy Plutonia with a pipe
Check my ???? manipulating ???? children of the night
Fright, witness the skeleton at your door
Descendants of kings and expected to whore
Peru, Bolivia, no more, no more
From the cabinet, the 13th tribby-tribby-tribe
We have arrived
Signing the declaration of war
Back to the original ???? states of laws

[Sister Souljah]
???? you like a ????
No money, no car, you can't be with me
So you go sell some blunts and crack to attract
And impress some little princess
A vial you're smokin like sess, you lose your senses
Jumpin fences, cops on your tail
Now your big drug dealin ass is in jail
You call collect what accept she rejects
The money spends ????
We gotta rise up, yes?

[Mickey Jarrett]
Oh yes, oh yes, we don't want none of that
That's why you know we a-fi fight 'gainst crack
A-mi say oh yes, oh yes, you fi lock down di spot
Woy, right ya know mi a-go burn down di spot
Di white man are di distributor
Dem use crack like ???? future
???? live like we a vulture
Man a kill man ????
A-mi say oh yes, oh yes, mi don't want none more of that
Woy, that's why you know we a-fi fight 'gainst crack
Oh yes, oh yes, mi don't want no more of that
Yes, that's why you know di crackhouse, it a-fi stop

[Freedom Williams]
I got a small problem with the devil
I don't like crackjack, playback to another level
Bury that sh... into dirt
Because I see too many of my young brothers gettin hurt
Drivin big cars lookin like they stars
Just to get a rep's before you step how you aim for the Jaguar
You sold your soul to the devil
I can't do nothin for ya, man, cause you're too deep in trouble
Cause you're too deep in trouble

Check it, it's the return of the livin
Returnin what I'm given to the youngster
Tryin to put a brother in a dumpster
Won't be happy till the whole planet is dead
And every ???? warning that I'm known to carry lead
With steel, crack known to hex you up
But you still be down to do it, new dephts, so you pursue it
You knew it, you knew it, you blew it
But I know one better, you better pay attention
Just listen, to what I have to say
Sweet Jesus in the house, so crack, you have to get back
So get back your soul, brother, I got your mojo
You know you got to close it down, close the crackhouse

[Amen-Ra of 2 Kings in a Cypher]
Tip of the tip, top of the top, clock goes the glock
Calculated by the sun ???? connectin to the Blackwatch
Zulu, the lights are out, we're in pursuit of the White House
Bring the gasoline, blow torches and the kerosine
Can you hear me, men? (Yes, we can) already then
Can I get an Amen? (Amen)
Rebellious one, son of none, African on the run
Now my culture's got me kickin the flavor in different tongues
Rastafarian ???? Africana
???? di white man ???? for di Columbiana
????, man
Let me know that you understand

[D Dot of 2 Kings in a Cypher]
Yo check it, straight out the [edited] District called Columbia
Here to pursue and subdue every one of ya
Message to the blackman who's now a crackman
Ah you stand, so just to prove your manhood
You beat upon little boys in the hood
Oh - what you're man enough to kill in a drive-by
Drive by the White House and all you do is wave hi
While the President sits and he signs bills
Imports the drugs and the guns that we use to kill
Collects the dough, six pack and a laugh
Because the biggest crackhouse is on Pennsylvania Ave.
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