Close Don't Count For Nothing Lyrics

Paul Eason

Keepin It Tween the Lines

Lyrics to Close Don't Count For Nothing
Close Don't Count For Nothing Video:
He's been workin' for two years down the street at HEB
Just so he can pay his rent and take classes at ACC
Now he ain't old but he's done more livin' than his twenty years might suggest
He's done some drinkin' in his lifetime but he ain't even legal yet

And it's a long way to Mexico
And there ain't nothing to do around here
I guess close don't count for nothin'
But no one around here seems to care

He's friends with the sheriff's daughter, you know ol' sheriff thinks he's alright
He'll even buy him beer and give him advice on his love life
But on a Monday night with nothing to do man a six pack sure sounds nice
But there ain't no way it's gonna happen today 'cause the timing just ain't right

He's just got a week left 'till he makes twenty one
Said he gave up drinkin' 'till then said the risk outweighs the fun
Well this I had to see with my own eyes to doubt no more
Don't you know the very next day I saw him passed out on the floor
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