Lyrics to Clones
Clones Video:
- Yes!

This is yet another rapper

Yapping over other people's tracks as if it matters

Living in a glass house

Wonder why it gets shattered

Chat that crap and you wonder why you get battered...

This is why you can't tack a ticker to this tale

I'll bust this diss, get pissed like Withnail

And I can't stand to see this


monument to the penis...

Get real its 2000..

Tenty Five

I'm ah ah ah ah staying alive

Still living in my glass bubble

Hubble and rubble do not trouble me

Living life -


Del boys, DVDs and magazines, celebrities and amnesty, and honesty

the monarchy, the "rap morrissey", the crap oddity, poverty, pissed off

Belmarsh, Guantanamo, Penelope Pitstop

I'm all alone, so are we all

I'm all alone, so are we all


Oi, it's Bashy.

Oi, Akira

Now what kind of world are we living in?

Cos we're all clones - we're just listening and giving in

No say - they steal our money via tax even on low pay

We can't live properly - house prices high so we gotta rent government property

Twisted priorities

For a fucked up govenmnet who's got a problem with honesty

More like Monopoly

Where who's got the most money

Has got the authority

Overpriveleged minority

Acting on behalf of the deprived majority

Living in hypocrisy

Where the British government is just an extended monarchy


Its like there's no way out but there's gotta be

Just gotta find who's got a key...

I'm all alone, so are we all

We're all clones

All are one, one are all

All are one, one are all

Who shot HST?

Same cunts who shot Kennedy

There's only one remedy

There's your enemy

click clack blam

Tenner says your enemy's a man

Doctor Kelly knew it

Lennon knew it

Reagan knew it

Nearly blew it

Like they did the world trade

Ooh it,

makes one want to move to Clwyd


We like fuck it lets get pissed

Nofio, park bench, graveyard, guest list

I then developed a cyst the size of a fist

It helps to prove that I exist

From - Caerphilly any villy in fact to fast track

Mastricht tax on rats to cashback

Silly billy rilly though you owe 'em a grand son

Best flex them pecks and pretend you're handsome...

I'm all alone, so are we all

(Creationsits and Satanists in awe of the Skygod - we're not Great Apes we're just monkeys with iPods)

We're all clones

All are one, one are all

All are one, one are all

I'm all alone, so are we all

(If Jesus died for us he was wasting his time/ the money lenders run the temple we cofio water and wine)

We're all clones

All are one, one are all

All are one, one are all
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