Lyrics to Cleopatra
Cleopatra Video:
Cleopatra's back in town
Her boyfriend's lost, and she is found
I disremember the crime of your time
I disremember the friend of mine
Here's the boss, she doesn't care
She doesn't have the time to spare
I disremember the dazzled sky
I disremember
Cleopatra's been lookin' for you
Runnin' round with the crew
I disremember the time of your mind
I disremember
Cleopatra dressed in white
Silent deadly we'll get by
I disremember who
I disremember the time and time
Black tie noise and
Powdered skins, a little drag
See you baby, puff [2x]
Evan, Evan, heavens above
Don't you know Kathleen's in love?
I disremember the darkest night
I disremember that you were mine
See you baby, puff
Evan baby, puff
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