Lyrics to Clear
Clear Video:
(One, two. three, four!) When I'm naked with you In this third story Oxford While I'm shakin with you Huge feelings, Huge feelings While you feel them too But in a different way then I do Yeah, I'm all girl up by you Little in Love too, Little in Love! But we didn't get it clear and we didnt get it clear Chorus: Cause I need someone to Really give myself up to And you want it too whoa I, I had to open but I'm rarely spoken to by anyone That language frightens them whooo! And you're not made of Iron In fact you're more scared than I am! In fact you're more prepared than me! But you've got less power then men because men have driven you crazy! And we never get it clear we never get it clear -Chorus- Cause though I miss you When I kiss you, we rarely let go and I wanna go on to that feeling of to the ceiling most this hour in where we only just begin what'd you do when you're blown apart?! -blown apart Love is hard like Napolian - blown apart you lose in the blue speak through you who can deny a voice that is so true? I'm amazed by you darling Even though you treat me like Joseph Stalin I'm gonna train my heart like a shoalin Monk, that'll never throw the towl in! -Chorus- So clear your room out clear your mind out out clear your eyes out lets get it clear now clear your soul out lets get it clear now you' pull your heart out you' pull your heart out, to me oh

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